Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I flatter myself to be considered, in any other persons head, as a artist. “Everyone knows how laborious the usual method is of attaining to the title; whereas by his contrivance, the most ignorant person at a reasonable charge, and with a little bodily labour, may produce art, without the least assistance from genius or study”, after the fashion of the professor, Mr. Lemuel Gulliver met during his voyage to Balnibarbi, used to write his books. The professor through random trial, when three or four words worked together, made note of them to be used in later endeavors. Thus we also make art, if it works together, do it.

Adapted from:

Gullivers Travels/Jonathan Swift

Voyage to Balnibarbi

What do you think?

I'm tired of my old boring artist statement. Has my pendulum swung to far?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Hummbug Creek" Camp 18
8" x 12"
Oil on Canvas

Went painting with other members of Pacific Plein Air Painters from around Hillsboro, OR today. It rained and then the sun came out and then it rained and then the sun came out and then it rained.....well you get the idea. Good old Oregon weather.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Winter Vase Project

"Another Vase?"
20" x 16"
Oil on canvas

A few of us from the Portland Plein Air & Studio Painters decided to purchase the same vase and include it in a painting of our choice. That vase is the clear square one in the foreground of my painting. I tried and tried to find something to put in the vase that would inspire me and came up with nothing. I then "tossed" it in to a big plastic tub I have my other vases in and asked myself did I really need another vase? I liked the way the vases looked all together in the tub but they didn't seem just right no matter how I turned it so I took some of them out and sat them on the table. Ta Dah....

New NW Coast Native American Designs

12" x 9"
Acrylic on Canvas

Wiley 'Brer' Hummingbird has the heart of an Eagle
An eager warrior and a defender of home
Yet is known as a symbol of peace
and a return to vigor and life in the Spring.
May our soldiers all be Hummingbirds.

12" x 9"
Acrylic on canvas

I'm loosing my place on this earth.
Animals step on me.
Birds eat me.
Man drains my ponds.
I have no home.
When I leave,
everything will be changed...forever.

These paintings and others of my NW Coast Native American designs may be purchased at:
American Trails
27 N Main Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520