Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Camp 18 Water Wheel

"Camp 18 Water Wheel"
Oil on Canvas Board
16" x 18"
I've been away 5 weeks from the end of April through the end of May and I get home and catch strep and the medicine is supposed to last until the end of June and it makes me not feel so great and the 29th of June I start jury duty and, and, and,....I haven't had a chance to get out and paint so I dug up this one I started to do last year at Camp 18 and finished it while the rest of my painting friends were actually getting to go there. I used photos my husband took to complete the painting from and I see on the Portland Plein Air & Studio Painters behind the scene blog a photo so identical to Ron's that I had to compare them to make sure it wasn't his photo already on the blog. :-)  Great minds run in the same track.