Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anglo Saxon Colored Pencil Folk Art Bible-Ecclesiastes

Anglo Saxon Colored Pencil Folk Art Bible-Ecclesiastes
24" x 18"
Sketch Paper

Book 21 Poster 22

Searching for the meaning in life.
Worship from the womb to the tomb.

Ecclesiastes is a rather strange book to me so as you can see it came out a somewhat strange picture. There seem to be many things we do daily in our lives and things we strive for listed as futility. "All is vanity and striving after wind." Towards the bottom right of the picture, Yes, you see a woman seated at a piece of furniture called a vanity. At first I added this for a chuckle. Then as I considered her being primped and centered on her looks, I began to see how vain she was about appearances and thought it quite appropriate.
I tried to represent the wind in the swirls covering the earth, which is "under" the sun and is also covered in swirls. It is very difficult to see the "product" map items I have placed on the globe. They include time, folly, fountains, cattle, wisdom, riches, wine, forests, houses, things natural and things man made, all the products of mans life on earth. It doesn't matter if you are wise or rich or poor. Man is in the hand of God. Very faintly above the earth I have drawn a gyroscope with a hand not quite touching it so you don't know whether it is getting ready to place a finger on the axis or has just started to remove the finger from it.
On the left edge is a woman holding up a young child. On the right edge is a stone tomb. The crowd consists of young and old, rich and poor, servant and mistress, people you recognize and generic people. "Fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person."
I feel that our purpose is to worship from the womb to the tomb and that we should be happy in our labor.