Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anglo Saxon Colored Pencil Folk Art Bible-Psalms

Anglo Saxon Colored Pencil Folk Art Bible-Psalms
24" x 18"
Sketch Paper

Book 19 Posters 19 & 20

My key word: Faith

I wish I had posted all of these before our Pastor preached on them because then I could say he was copying me and you would believe it. Instead I just have to let you know that we are after all reading the same books.
If you were to look at the backs of all these posters you would find a large chart of each book that I made over a period of 3-4 years using a combination of "The Daily Walk" yearly reading schedule and a book called "Independent Bible Study" by Irving L. Jensen.  Well, like Pastor I couldn't fit all of Psalms into just one page or sermon. I totally filled two large pages with the charts. Thus I had to make two pictures in order to have someplace for the second chart. The first picture, top left here, represents the first two books of Psalms while the second picture represents books 3-5. How can you tell? In the top picture you will find 72 hands for the 72 psalms of those books and the lower picture has the other 78 hands, making all 150 psalms. Every hand is different. Some hands are male, some female, some children's, some elderly. Some of the hands are praising, some pleading, some seem to be rebuking God, others may be mourning, or pointing the way. I tried to put in as many expressions using hands as I could.
While the hands and settings or landscape are different in both posters the figures are the same people. You see the kneeling symbol of David with his harp in one hand and his sword in the other. You see the symbol I use for Solomon with his red and blue from the 1st Kings poster. You also see David's choir director and another figure representing the other authors. If you look at the two posters side by side you will see these figures mirror each other and that is because I felt books 1-2 and 3-5 did mirror one another in many ways. You will also see God's presence in both as the creation colored clouds from the Genesis poster in each of the upper corners. The clouds may be small but the God is huge and we can each raise our hands to him and know that he hears us no matter what our emotional state.