Monday, June 24, 2013

"Evil" kitty got his head today

Okay now "Evil" the cat has his head but there is still lots more work to do before he is finished. Oh and he got the cover on his pillow too.

"Evil" the cat gets his other leg

Well "Evil" got his other leg today but not his head.

More work on "Evil" kitty

Well "Evil" is starting to get his fur. Poor kitty looks pretty bad at this point.

Underpainting "Evil" the cat.

Finally all the wallpaper work is dry and I don't have to be afraid of messing it up. Here you see the under painting. "Evil" the cat will look basically black when he is finished but there is a rather Burnt Sienna color of fur in places as well. That is why I chose to do his under neath color this way.

Painting the wallpaper behind "Evil" the cat.

It took about 6-7 hours to paint the wallpaper four sessions. First I painted the Naples Yellow pattern and then NY and White negative space around the pattern after the pattern was dry. Each layer left to dry between so I wouldn't mess up the first. Then a complete second coat of each because the NY is not very opaque. The second coat hasn't been done in this photo so you still see all of my drawing through the paint.

"Evil" the cat

Commission sketch for painting of "Evil" the cat. 20" x 16"