Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anglo Saxon Colored Pencil Folk Art Bible-Proverbs

Anglo Saxon Colored Pencil Folk Art Bible-Proverbs
24" 18"
Sketch Paper

Book 20 Poster 21

My key phrases:
Wisdom Defined
Wisdom Applied

The contrast of wisdom and folly

The question I had to face was how do I picture the contrast. I chose to depict wisdom in the light and folly in the shadows. When I thought of being able to discern the difference I couldn't help picturing Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil shown at the bottom of the picture. Folly, the court jester is next to the Speak no evil character. The fellow at the bottom right is holding a black stone and the little "checker board" just above his head is a game of chance. The fellow above that has fortune telling cards and over indulging in wine. Further up the right you see the harlot inviting in a customer. At the corner of that wall is a fellow contemplating his suffering from the downfall of his folly. On the left, just above Hear no evil, is a fellow receiving a laurel wreath for his accomplishments. Beside the next door up is an elderly scholar teaching three youth while two other adults passing by watch and listen for a moment of approval. Further up you can see family members going about their daily lives in the light.  If you look closely at the man just above speak no evil you will see that he is straddling the line between light and dark. He will need to decide which way he will go and so do we. Good and bad are linked with reward and penalty.

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